Annemann's Practical Mental Effects (Vol 1 thru 6) by Richard Osterlind - DVD

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In this amazing download set, Richard Osterlind brings to life one of the most important works in the literature of mentalism: Annemann's Practical Mental Effects!

The effects performed and taught here represent some of the strongest mentalism in history! Richard Osterlind, along with Jim Sisti, have taken this classic material and approached it with the dignity and scholarly attitude it deserves. First, each effect is performed before a lay audience and is then subsequently analyzed to show the real performing secrets behind each routine. The wealth of information in these expositions is priceless! Besides the secret of each effect, professional theatrical mentalism techniques for modern audiences are scrutinized from years of real-life performing. Watching this series will be like a post-graduate course in mentalism!

Almost every effect can be done instantly! With just one exception (the Devil Device), all the props necessary are items you already have or can make up easily. Nothing requires great manipulative skill and almost all if the routines are suitable for close-up, parlor or stage performance. You will use everything!

Additionally, these new download were conceived and created in every aspect by Richard and Jim. This is a serious course on one of the most important mentalism books ever written and we think you'll agree that, on this downloads, it is given the honor it deserves.


Volume 1
  • Magic vs. Mentalism
  • Slate Immortality
  • A Question and the Answer
  • The OM Billet Switching Box
  • Psychic Slate Test
  • Taps
  • Notaria
  • The Word On The Page
Volume 2
  • Bert Reese Secrets
  • You and Yours - Me and Mine
  • Extra Sensory Perception
  • Prophetic Tissue
  • Ultra Addition
  • Dead
  • Yggdrasil
  • 20th Century Newspaper Test
  • Par-Optic Vision
Volume 3
  • Mindreading Publicity Effect
  • The Brain Wave Deck
  • Half and Half
  • Two Papers and a Spectator
  • Graphology
  • The Al Baker 3 Billet Trick
  • Triple Coercion
  • Devil Device
Volume 4
  • 40,000 Words
  • Number Thot
  • Pseudo-Psychometry
  • Mind or Muscle?
  • A Card to Be Thought About
  • A Torn Letter
Volume 5
  • Bert Reese Secrets (for Groups)
  • Horrors!
  • Who Killed Mr. X?
  • Cherchez La Lady
  • Between the Lines
  • Ultra Slate Message
Volume 6
  • Tervil
  • Symmyst
  • Death Flight
  • The Phantom Artist
  • Whim of Tituba
BONUS: Annemann's Practical Mental Effects - high-resolution e-book (PDF format)
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