Skymember Presents Monarch (Barber) un-gimmicked Coin Only by Avi Yap - Trick

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Introducing a new member for Monarch family; Monarch Barber.

World-class replica barber half dollar that you will love to use.

The coin replicates the same aesthetic as Avi's personal barber coin and has same great features as other Monarch member such as soft coin, made with cupronickel, vintage patina and reeded edges.

Made specifically for Avi's everyday use and were made under the strictest requirements. We are confident that you will be happy with these coins.

Regardless of whether you want to experience the quality of the coin before jumping into Monarch or simply would just want to purchase extra coins, we got you covered.

Get Monarch Barber today and step up your coin magic experience.


The patina on each Barber half dollar may vary as they are hand applied. Gimmick and instructions are not included with the purchase. Permission from Skymember Presents is required for any magic commercial publishing works that use/involves the Monarch Series coins.
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