Mini Morgan (pack of 5) by N2G

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As a fan of coin magic, do you often feel that your performances lack memorable climax and fail to impress the audience? N2G mini coins will solve your problems.

Imagine the explosion effect of a coin turning into a pile of mini coins at the end, what kind of shocking visual enjoyment will be brought to the audience? At the same time, N2G's exquisite props production will enhance your performance and bring you a more wonderful performance experience. In addition, more new and interesting gameplay awaits you to explore and discover!

N2G mini coins are not only a prop, but also the highlight and bonus of your performance. Whether performed on stage or up close, it can add infinite charm to your magic show and leave your audience with a deep memory.

Mini coins, let your magic show to the next level, let the audience stay, let you become the star on the stage!

Mini morgan regular coin

Diameter 16mm
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