SvenPads® Bookstyle Non-Gimmicked (Pair) - Trick

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Perfect for switching out with your regular SvenPads®! In response to many requests by working pro's, you may now order a PAIR of identically matching Bookstyle Non-Gimmicked SvenPads® (black and green covers).

All performers dread the know-it-all spectator who asks to SEE and handle your props at the end. With these non-gimmicked pads, you can easily make a safe switch, and leave your spectators in the rear-view mirror.

Use them for taking notes, for your reveals or to switch out with your gimmicked SvenPads® for later inspection.

These pads are virtual twins of the standard SvenPad® in all styles and details, including the covers, paper, etc.

Some performers like to switch their working SvenPads® for these non-gimmicked ones and leave them casually OR give them away.
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